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Yesterday as I was driving from the Baltimore Music Conference returning to Atlanta a gentleman called me and said hey JaWar how's it going? I said things are going well. The gentleman started asking me what I had been up to. I stopped him mid sentence and asked who am I speaking with? He stating his name and proceeded to asked me how things were going, good I responded, I'm working with more serious clients.

How do you define more serious clients?

Yes, indeed those are clients in the music business who are ready and able to make the financial commitment (investment) for one-on-one consulting so that we may help them achieve their goals and realize their potential. The gentleman said that sounds good, I guess I will talk to you later and hung up the phone.

There are a few music business lessons to be learned from this experience.
  1. Unless you know the person knows you for sure, don't assume they do.
  2. It's a great idea to always state your name and how you met the person you're calling.
  3. Always have a particular reason why you are calling a business contact.
  4. The music business may be 24/7 for some and not for others, keep this in mind when calling during non-business days and hours.
  5. The Truth is that the music business is built on relationships and building those relationships is often built on the perceived and actual value you bring to others.
  6. Be patient as we are all at different points in the music business.
Unfortunately and fortunately I've made it a point to meet and greet large numbers of people in the music business on a regular basis. When speaking with someone I get so involved in the conversation the person thinks that I know them very well, but this is because I'm listening and engaging that person. When the person follows up with me they assume I remember the full breadth of our conversation or that I remember them for that matter. It usually takes the person to remind me of where we met and our conversation before it comes to me.

With that in mind I've made it a point when I'm contacting someone to always state my name, how and where we met and the conversation we may have had. This increases the likelihood that the person will remember me. Most importantly it does not make the other person feel uncomfortable speaking to someone they do not remember.

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