Music Business Profit Don't Be Ashamed


In replying to a music business forum about Who Owns the Music originally started by Allen Johnston Sense L stated "You're always concerned about that profit boooi. (jokes)" Sense was referring to me (JaWar) in this statement. Below is my response to Sense's statement.

As always I look forward to your comments, responses and constructive criticism.

I'm concerned about eating and not being homeless anymore. When I gave the information away without disregard as to payment people not only didn't pay me, worse yet they didn't use the information that I was sharing.

I realized something interesting about the human psyche we value things more when we have to give something up in return for it. Additionally, I operate a business not a foundation or non-profit, so without question I am concerned about payment. After all if one were to use the information, resources, tools, guidance, websites, blogs, books, videos and coaching/consulting they are being provided they stand a good chance of generating income for themselves and their families in the form of residual/passive income.

Rel of Trak Atiks Music, LLC is one of many of those people, click here for full details.

Should Allen, I and others who provide such information to help creative talent become rich and famous not be compensated?

While I believe your comment to be one of fun and without ill intention there's always a bit of truth in comedic commentary. Additionally, if you said it there's probably many others who are thinking it, yet have remained and will remain silent. It was "JUST" that I presented the other side of the coin for those who read what has been written.