Saving The Music Business

There use to be an experience with buying physical product that had music on it. That experience has changed and people are able to do that from the comfort of their own home, office, hotel room, park, cafe, etc. Soon that experience will morph again giving people the ability to enjoy a new experience while driving in their cars.

The few music retailers that will exist must create a new experience for customers. It isn't merely about buying a physical product that has music on it. It's about the movement, socialization, community and interaction that comes with it. It's about being about to speak directly with the artist, take pictures with them, interview them, etc. It's about engaging online media with traditional media and music retail stores, so music lovers get a full experience and walk away with music, t-shirts, concert tickets and photographs, etc. with their favorite artist.

While these things may not be able to be done for every music retail store with every artist, perhaps it may be executed with many local and regional artist and national super stars at certain locations and times when it makes sense (cents). Perhaps with certain artists, dates and locations they could bring the songwriters and music producers that made their release possible!

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