5 Music Business Mistakes by Kevin Black

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Today I bring you my response to Kevin Black's five (5) mistakes artist make when getting into the game [music business]. Each number indicates the mistake Kevin stated, then you'll read my response.

The original post may be found by clicking here. I'm sharing this information because I think you'll find wisdom, resources and information that may help you through your own journey of success. As always your comments, concerns and feedback are welcome. Remember to share this music business blog with others in your network by using the share this button to the top right of the screen.

1. Not enough funding.

GOJAWAR.COM I'm one of the first to admit that all businesses need money to operate and often grow. However, it has been my experience that people just starting out need a burning desire, a practical written plan and the ability to execute that plan daily. Often people don't have a real clue on what to do with money if they were given it. For instance, if you were to ask most people who are knew to the music business how much money do they need, they'll often say as much as I can get. That would often signal to an investor that you haven't done your research on your industry, market or business. I'm one of the first to admit that all businesses need money to operate and often grow, but for many they need a burning desire, practical plan and the ability to execute that plan daily before getting an injection of money or they run the risk of doing what so many people have done BLOW IT on &ull*hit!

2. Trying to hang your hat where you can't reach it.

GOJAWAR.COM -I'd prefer to ask Kevin Black what this meant versus trying to assume.

3. Lack of information is what kills them and not knowing that every mistake costs. If you have the wrong address on a package that stamp cost you $1.35, and when it comes back you have to rewrap it and send it out again. In the music game every mistake costs money.

GOJAWAR.COM -Please refer to my response to question one as I think it speaks to this statement as well.

4. Promoting to your friends. Your friends will tell you anything e.g., "Oh, that s**t is hot!" then they don't even want to buy it they want that s**t for free!

GOJAWAR.COM -This is an unfortunate truth that so many people are a victim of. We all like to know that we are doing something good and great. We all want to know that others feel what were saying and represent, but this becomes very different in the course of doing business. It's not about people stroking are eagles, but giving us genuine feedback and constructive criticism. Unfortunately, many artist are very sensitive and can't stand it when someone tells them their craft needs work or they are as great as they thought.

5. The final one I would say is mostly people start without a distribution deal and I think you need a distribution deal before you start. A distribution deal is someone who houses your product and puts it in stores for you.

GOJAWAR.COM -There are a number of artist who may get a distribution deal with their artist own/operated music label through a number of independent distribution companies, but having distribution doesn't help if no one knows that your music is available and where they may get it. It would seem that artist own/operated music labels would put together a marketing plan and budget and work their project from this point and sell their music at shows, tv and through the 80+ Digital Distribution Companies found in the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Book. As their brand and fan base begins to build they may take that formula, system and procedure and replicate it in other cities. When it's time to revisit the city it may make sense (cents) to seek some form of distribution.

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