Passing Up Music Business Money

Life in general and the music business in particular can be a strain if you allow it causing you to loose money and opportunity.

Not long ago I called someone who organizes music showcases in an effort to find out what they charged for artist to perform. Additionally, I wanted to find out if the person would be interested in hosting a special showcase for some of my overseas clients that were seeking to break into the U.S. Music Market.

I gathered from the tone in the persons voice that they were either tired and/or tired, I mean really TIRED of how the music showcase scene was being run, the music business and the economy in general. The person was polite in telling me they may not be doing another showcase for sometime and offered a list of others who might fit the bill. The funny thing is the person may have made money a bit easier than normal since it would have been a package deal with a number of artist prepaying to perform, which meant they would not have to deal with as many people and personalities. Unfortunately, we never got to this part of the conversation, because the person seemed so tired of the state of the music business and the showcase scene. They were very adamant about not doing another showcase for sometime.

Sometimes we pass up music business money and opportunities for a number of reasons. Remember to always stay focused and keep your eyes and ears open as you never know where, when and from who your next opportunity "BIG BREAK" will come from.