Are You in the Music Business?

A music business forum was started by JANIECEE on Soul Commune that asked questions about the importance of first week music (record) sales/sells. The questions were in response to a video that Jermain Dupri, CEO, So So Def Recordings/Productions and multi-platinum recording music producer/songwriter posed. Below are my responses to the questions.

As always family I'm sharing this with you because you may be able to benefit from the information you read. If nothing more it may spark your own creative imagination. I look forward to your comments, questions, concerns and constructive criticism. This music business is what we make it.


GOJAWAR.COM -I got involved in the music industry (business), because as a teenager when investing my own money into my craft I wanted to know how I could get back the money I invested and possibly make a profit. I remain in the music industry as a way of natural progression within the business. For instance, starting as a writer/artist to music producer, then music showcase and music conference organizer to that of a speaker, newspaper publisher which has brought me to author/book publisher, business consultant/coach and motivational speaker.

I enjoy music and the business behind it. Since, I am believing that great music and recording artist deserves the best chance as any other music for having commercial success I have made it a point to educate and motivate others so that their music may be heard by new and existing fans. This is my way of doing instead of complaining about the state of the industry or that of the mainstream media machine.

The conversation of first week sales/sells is almost a moot point given that most recording artist are independent (outside that of the major music label machine). What does become important for most recording artist and their team is the marketing and promotions of the artists brand and image. If I'm not mistaken KRS-ONE once said "promote your image; don't promote your record, records come and go and get collected." In this point I overstand that if one properly markets and promotes their image or brand then when it's time for a new record, single or song to be release one's core fan base will flock to support it because they for the most part know what their going to get. As a personal testament to this whenever I hear that Sade has a new release I buy it without question, because I've bought into her brand or image. I've yet to be disappointed.

"Do you feel the sales are so important because thats what is constantly placed in the media and in Billboard magazines?"

GOJAWAR.COM - I think sales/sells are important because the music industry is a business and any business to stay afloat must generate enough sales to earn a profit to justify its' existence. Once sales don't meet expectations to cover business operating expenses and the monies invested for a particular project that business can not justify being in business for to long, it will be forced to shut down. This has happened, is happening and will continue to happen it's a natural part of the life cycle -growth, maturity and decline.

Additionally, we would be reminded that first week sales/sells are really only important to a release from a major label recording artist, as independent recording artist don't have the pressure from the food chain of shareholders of major corporations often breathing down their neck (expectations to sale/sell large quantities of music in the first week release). Now that's Industry Pimping!

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