Music Business Trends -Does Music Suck?


Stealth (25 Eight Squad) started a music forum discussion and asked some interesting questions that seem to be matters of the music heart, so to speak. Below are my responses to Stealth's questions. I'm posting this because I think you'll find some information or resources that may help you through your journey of success. As always I look forward to reading your responses.

Why do people continue to follow trends and not do what they feel?

GOJAWAR.COM -There are many people that don't follow trends and do what they feel. Some are very successful in their own right, yet don't get the national commercial exposure that others do, so you rarely hear about them. These people have the employee -owner/operator mentality. Other people follow the trends, because they are followers and have not yet learned to lead themselves. Additionally, they often have the employee mentality -do as you're told and you'll get a pay check (job: just over broke).

Why are labels so scared to sign different sounding acts?

GOJAWAR.COM -Humans are creatures of habit that often seek security, safety and stabilization in things. Humans run labels, therefore they seek security, safety and stabilization of those labels. Signing different sounding acts is not secure, safe or provides stability of the label (company/corporation) at least in the mind of many label executives therefore they are not eager to sign different sounding acts.

It is recommend that emerging and seasoned recording artist alike learn to start and run their own music label (company/corporation) and sign themselves to that label. In this instance they would not have to be concerned with being signed to another company (music label). Additionally, they would retain more of the net profits and have the ability to right off a number of business expenses and position themselves to generate more income than if they were merely signed to a label. To get started on this path you'll want to visit the following links -Industry Pimping, Music Business Blog, Lease Beats Make Money, Music Industry Connection, Music Business Videos.

When did music become just one thing or one sound?

GOJAWAR.COM -Music has always been colorful, dynamic and exciting. For a moment release yourself from the music business or music industry. Go outside and listen to what you hear. If you are in a city such as Los Angeles, Atlanta or New York you'll hear cars, buses, planes, trains, people, etc. If you are in a rural area you may hear birds, bugs, cats, dogs, cows, the wind, river or ocean. These are all sounds provided as a blessing to our ears (at least the natural ones) from the Most High. These sounds are diverse, dynamic, colorful and expressive.

Commercial music while seemingly singular when you often listen to commercial radio or watch music video channels is also diverse, dynamic, colorful and expressive with various sounds. However, you have to challenge yourself to find other music formats. As an example I listen to jazz, drum n' bass, classical, soul, alternative and other styles of music that I don't even have a name for. The point here is that you merely have to expand your own creative imagination and seek out those sounds that are different from what you are accustomed to hearing and even creating. As you do this you'll likely incorporate these different sounds into your own creative expression. Once you're team puts together your marketing plan and budget you may expose your sound to your existing and emerging audience that too may be asking "when did music just become one thing or one sound?"

Everybody damn near sounds like they have the same beats on their albums, saying the same shit... wheres the originality?

GOJAWAR.COM -Please reread my response to the previous question as I think it speaks to this question as well. Additionally, you'll want to visit the links in this message as they may help you with your music business and career.

Thank you for the excellent and timely questions.